Japanese loose leaf teas and matcha powder

Tencha’s mission is to spread our love and appreciation for Japanese teas and tea farmers to our fellow tea drinkers here in london and the UK. 

There is a world flavour to discover and we aim to help our customers explore this fascinating land of tea. 

Our wish is for our customers to understand the dedication and hard work that goes into creating these loose leaf teas and believe traceability is key. Celebrating the farmers, producers and artisans who create the teas, matcha powders and tea ware we sell. 

Japanese tea is our passion and we believe it should be enjoyed at any time of day and for any occasion. 

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What is Wakocha?

Join us as we explore Japanese black tea production methods, health benefits and history

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From Sencha to Matcha there are so many variations of green tea to enjoy

There is a whole world of loose leaf green teas to explore.

From sweet and subtle sencha to umami rich gyokuro and nutty roasted hojicha take a look through our wide range of specially selected Japanese loose leaf teas from farms we know and trust.

  • Sencha

    Sencha green tea can vary greatly depending on the cultivar, harvest season and steam time. Sencha is generally unshaded meaning the umami in the tea leaves has not had a chance to develop.

  • Kamairicha

    Rather than steaming to stop oxidisation, Kamairicha is "pan-fired" or "pan-roasted" green tea.

    This gives the resulting tea a more cooked, vegetal flavour.

  • Kukicha

    Kukicha is stem tea. The stems and stalks that are processed but not used for sencha, kabusecha and gyokuro still have lots of flavour and make a delicious brew.

  • Genmaicha

    Genmai "rice" green tea is a blend of toasted rice and green tea. This delicious tea pairs well with food as it has the roasted, nutty aroma of the rice with grassy green tea.

  • Gyokuro

    Umami rich and sweet Gyokuro is a shaded loose leaf green tea with low astringency and bitterness. This tea works best when brewed at low temperatures.


As with all other loose leaf teas matcha tea powder is made... 


Japanese Green tea comes in many forms and is processed and cultivated... 

Japanese craftsmanship at it's best

Suikaen Tanimura Yasaburo Takayama Chasen & Utensils

A collection of tea utensils created by master Yasaburo Tanumura & Suikaen... 

Calligraphy Art by Eriko Aiura

We are thrilled to have a selection of art by Sho Calligrapher... 

More Than A Matcha

Although Japan is probably best known for its loose leaf green teas and matcha powder there is so much more to offer in the world of Japanese tea.

Produced and grown by farmers across Japan we have a selection of black tea and oolong as well as fermented and blended herbal infusions

  • Goishicha

    Goishicha, is a very rare folk tea made on the island of Shikoku. This tea goes through a double fermentation process giving it a slightly sweet and sour flavour.

  • Wakocha

    Black tea production is becoming more prevalent across Japan. Unlike black teas from some other tea producing regions, Japanese black Tea or Wakocha is much lighter, naturally floral and contains very little tannin.

  • Koji Fermentation

    Koji, better known for it's use in the creation of miso or Japanese sake can also be used to produce interesting new flavours in loose leaf tea.

  • Oolong

    Although not well known for producing Oolong teas, some Japanese tea farmers have started to explore this type of tea production with their own cultivars producing some beautiful results

Okinawan Tea

Teas from the tropical Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa. 

Oolong & Dark Teas

A selection of Japanese oolong and unusual fermented, dark teas. 

Wakocha (Black Tea)

What is Wakocha? Similar to Wa-gashi 和菓子, Japanese sweets, or 和食 Wa-shoku,... 

About Tencha

Based in West London, Tencha takes its name from the leaves used to make matcha tea.

We are passionate about spreading our love for Japanese loose leaf tea to our customers in London and across the UK.

Find us at a variety of events and markets across the city.

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