Nakazen Corporation is based in Okinawa Japan. It was Established in 1968 originally as a farm and was one of the first companies to manufacture tisanes using Okinawa-grown products such as guava and turmeric. 

A note from the founder

"It all started from my wish for everyone to live a healthy, happy life...

I was hospitalized during my late twenties due to a kidney disease caused by overwork and stress. One day while I was at the hospital a friend of mine told me about a tea made of “kumis kuching (orthosiphon aristatus or cat’s whiskers)”. Without having much knowledge on this particular tea, I decided to try drinking it. To my surprise, the kidney got better after a while, and that is when I felt and experienced the effect of "kumisukuchin" tea. Once I left the hospital, I wanted to spread the world about my experience with this tea. This is how I got into the business, which I continue on until today.

I hope we will be able to provide products that will help support your healthy, happy life."

Collection: Nakazen

We are a company that thinks about "energy" so that everyone can spend time with a smile.

When people lose their daily energy, they lose the energy to do various things. So, what should we do to “live well every day”? There is a big difference in the way of life between "I spend my days somehow" and "I spend my days with a smile".
We believe that a healthy lifestyle is important for people to live a healthy life with a smile.
Considering the dizzyingly changing living environment of today, we would like to create a "society where people can enjoy longevity from the bottom of their hearts" by making everyone's life more energetic and lively every day. I sincerely hope that it will come true.