Collection: Ohmitogei

Ohmi Ceramic Research Centre 

The Ohmi Ceramic Art Research Institute is located in the cultural zone of Kusatsu City, in a rural village near Ritsumeikan University's Kusatsu Campus. 

In 1997, it was designated as the first designated brand as "Kusatsu ware" by Kusatsu City, and in 2019, it was designated as a Kusatsu brand. And now, using local soil, local craftsmen are making products here.

Ohumi Ceramics Research Institute:

Ancient wooden tablets and ironware have weathered to the present day, with most of them leaving no trace, while pottery that was made in the same era remains today. However, sometimes items are excavated in a form that is still usable enough to be used at the time.

 Pottery clay fired in a kiln will not weather over time and will continue to be passed down to future generations.

 We believe that by remaining here, we also have a responsibility towards nature. Pottery clay can be remade as many times as it needs to be fired, but once fired it cannot be returned to its natural state. Because we use limited resources, we create each piece by hand, one by one, with love and responsibility every day.

About Kusatsu Ware

Sue-ware was made in this hilly area from the late 7th century to the early 8th century. From the ruins, mainly vessels used in daily life, such as water jars, have been unearthed.

In ancient times the Kusatsu area was at the bottom of a deep lake. This has resulted in a clay that contains high levels of Iron. The ceramics made in the area are made using this iron rich clay.

Kusatsu-yaki Artisans

Yoshinori Yamamoto

Mr. Yamamoto is a Kusatsu-yaki artisan representative.

Born in Kusatsu in 1950: After graduating from Ritsumeikan University her studied ceramics at Shiga Prefectural Shigaraki Ceramics Industry Research Centre and Kyoto Prefectural Potter Technical Collage. He returned to Kusatsu in 1985 where he developed his Kusatsu-yaki style. In 1997 Kusatsu-yaki was officially designated as a special local craft. Mr. Yamamoto's work has earnt awards at many open ceramic competitions.

Kazuma Yamamoto

Kazuma Yamamoto was born in Kusatsu in 1992. He graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Potter Technical High School and later became a member of the Ohmi Ceramic Research Centre.