Collection: Calligraphy Art by Eriko Aiura

We are thrilled to have a selection of art by Sho Calligrapher Eriko Aiura. Her work is inspired by nature and the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi. Appreciating the beauty in the imperfect and fleeting moments in life. 


Eriko has created a number of pieces for us inspired by tea, nature, zen and the art of the Japanese tea ceremony. 


A note from Eriko

"I began my journey in the world of Japanese calligraphy at the age of 6. With the help of my amazing teacher and thirteen years of dedicated practice, I learned the skills and spirit to master this beautiful art. 

Calligraphy is like meditation to me; I get totally focused, I try to lose my ego, finding more important things, the truth, not seeing things through my eyes but my heart...I let the ink flow across the paper as it goes, and even with all its flaws, it’s somehow beautiful in its natural state. My creation is who I am, my way of living and the attitude to the life"