Kajihara Tea Garden

Kajihara Tea Garden is run by Toshihiro Kajiwara, the 3rd generation owner of Ocha no Kajihara. Born the eldest son of the Kajiwara family, after graduating from a local high school, he entered the Kumamoto Prefectural University of Agriculture and chose the tea course. After that, he returned to his hometown and started farming at the age of 20.

A note from the farmer

"The road to this point has not been smooth, and even with the decline in business due to the slump in the tea industry, the cost of repairing the old factory has increased, and the popularity of his PET bottles has led to a loss of customers year by year.

During that time, I worked hard as a JA operator, got a license for an excavator, got a job building forest roads and also grew various crops. However, I want to somehow make a living from the tea my ancestors have left me. I want to make people smile with tea. I want to pass on the important culture of Japan to the next generation. Tea making is what I want to concentrate on the most, and I love the charm of tea with infinite possibilities."

Collection: Kajihara Tea Garden

While tea farmers, wholesalers, and the market are moving toward steamed tea from a cost standpoint, he dared to stick to the rare and valued pot-roasted tea manufacturing method, which he continues to this day.


Kajihara-san is committed to making his teas more environmentally friendly. Steps he has taken to achieve is goals are: 

  • Reduced Fuel Use 
  • Minimal use of fertilisers
  • No Pesticides since 2000
  • Still using antique machinery 

In recent years tea enthusiasts from all over Japan and even abroad have come to visit Kajihara tea gardens. Guests are always impressed by the home made tea made in the rural mountains of Kumamoto. During a visit, one can enjoy tea time at Kajihara-san’s place, with their original kamairicha and Japanese black tea, brewed by the owners themselves!