Uejima Sourokuen

Uejima Sourokuen is based in Wazuka-cho, Kyoto Prefecture and has tea fields out in the surrounding areas including Kyotanabe Village. Uji tea is one of Kyoto's most famous teas, and Wazuka-cho is a production area that produces about half of the tea leaves for this Uji tea.

A note from the farmer

"All of our products are proudly made with the utmost care and effort. Soothing to the eyes, soothing to the scent, please enjoy the taste."

Collection: Uejima Sourokuen

The farm is run by 5th generation tea master Noriyasu Uejima. In the 90+ year old tea tasting competition held in Kyoto, he is the only winner to ever achieve a perfect score. 

Cultivating and processing some of Kyoto's finest teas, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kyoto features his teas in its lineup.

Uejima-san carries on a master farmer tradition that dates back to the mid-19th century when his ancestor started the Uejima family as a branch family of an even older main family.

The farm also operates the Wazuka Village's Wazuka Cha Cafe.