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Nakazen: Blended Herbal Tea "Okinawa Health King"

Nakazen: Blended Herbal Tea "Okinawa Health King"

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Nakazen: Okinawan Health King

琉球草木根皮茶 健王

50g Bag

The Okinawa Health King tea is made from a blend of 41 natural ingredients to support one's health (ingredients list below).

The base is guava leaves and with the rest of the ingredients, this tea will support your day-to-day health. Nakazen recommends this tea for those who are thinking about natural dietoing methods, those who enjoy fatty/oily foods, and to those who want to glow with beauty. This tea can be enjoyed cold in the summer time and hot in the winter. 

Nuchigusui (ぬちぐすい) is a saying that belongs to the daily lives of people living in Okinawa and can be directly translated to mean, "life medicine". The significance is more expansive and can refer to the satisfaction felt after eating a good meal, experiencing something that makes one feel lighter, and feeling peace with oneself. 


Steeping Notes: 5g | 5-10min | 95°C | 300ml 

This tea also makes a lovely refreshing cold brew. Add 5-10g of tea to a large jug of water and leave in the fridge overnight.

INGREDIENTS: Guava leaves, Sicklepod (seeds),  Job's tears, dokudami ("poison blocking plant" Houttuynia cordata), kumis kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus), tochu leaves (Eucommia ulmoides), tumeric,   biwa (loquat) leaves、Gymnema sylvestre, mulberry leaves, Plantago asiatica, pine needles、wolfberry (goji) leaves, persimmon leaves, southern ginseng leaves (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), field horsetail (Equisetum arvense), mikan citrus peels, safflower, reishi mushroom, shiso (perilla), cinnamon, kuma bamboo grass (Sasa veitchii), ashitaba, quercus salicina,   liquorice leaves, fennel, herb-of-grace, Japanese hawthorn, Agrimonia pilosa, bay laurel, akamegashiwa, lemongrass, coastal hog fennel,   orange climber leaf, gardenia (cape jasmine), Japanese mugwort, chrysanthemum tea, Japanese mint, isodan Japonica (enmeisou), panax (Korean) ginseng


  • Made by: Nakazen Corporation
  • Location: Nanjo-shi, Okinawa Prefecture , Japan
  • Note: This tea does not contain caffeine 


About Nakazen: Established in 1968 originally as a farm, Nakazen Corporation was one of the first companies to manufacture tisanes using Okinawa-grown products such as guava and turmeric 


A note from the founder Katsuo Nakamoto 

"It all started from my wish for everyone to live a healthy, happy life...

I was hospitalised during my late twenties due to a kidney disease caused by overwork and stress. One day while I was at the hospital a friend of mine told me about a tea made of “kumis kuching (orthosiphon aristatus or cat’s whiskers)”. Without having much knowledge on this particular tea, I decided to try drinking it. To my surprise, the kidney got better after a while, and that is when I felt and experienced the effect of "kumisukuchin" tea. Once I left the hospital, I wanted to spread the word about my experience with this tea. This is how I got into the business, which I continue on until today.

I hope we will be able to provide products that will help support your healthy, happy life."

(Please note that this is written from a personal experience and impression. Products do not guarantee a complete recovery from diseases.)

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Customer Reviews

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I loved tea from you

This was my first experience of Japanese tea and it was all wonderful. I’ve been trying to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture, buying tea from you is part of that journey!

So many ingredients!

There are so many ingredients in this blend but it works. The flavour is very balanced and very pleasant. I really like the longevity blend so had to try this.