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Tokoname: Shu-Yudo Kyusu

Tokoname: Shu-Yudo Kyusu

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Black Tokoname-ware Kyusu from Tokohan inc. 

The Shu-Yudo clay is fired at extreme temperatures, carbonising and turning the ceramic black. There is a cutout in the rim of the pot allowing for easy tea leaf removal after steeping. The lid and the body are mortised together to make a pair. 

  • Size: approx 9cm Diameter | 14.5cm Length | 8cm Height 
  • 240ml - 80% capacity | Perfect for two 100ml servings 
  • Ceramic mesh strainer inside
  • No glaze inside the teapot 
 Located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula facing Ise Bay, Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture is known as a pottery town nationwide. Tokoname ware is counted as one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.
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Customer Reviews

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Pleasure to use this kyusu, feels very well made and balanced to use in one hand. Delicate to hold. Thanks to it's design very easy to clean after use. Perfect for 2 cups of tea.