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Iba Takahiro Tea Garden

2024 Shincha| Iba Takahiro Tea Garden: Single Cultivar Shoju Tanegashima Island Sencha

2024 Shincha| Iba Takahiro Tea Garden: Single Cultivar Shoju Tanegashima Island Sencha

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Our first 2024 early harvest Shincha from Iba Takahiro Tea Garden on teh southern island of  Tanegashima. 



Shoju is a rare cultivar grown by Tanegashima Island. This cultivar does not hibernate like other tea cultivars elsewhere in Japan meaning the harvest is always unusually early. Farmer Iba Takahiro shades the tea for about 10 days prior to harvest creating a beautiful sweet tea with umami and butter notes on the pallate.

This tea was harvested in the third week of March making it one of the earliest teas harvested in Japan. As such, Iba-san is interviewed by TV crews every year!

The 2024 harvest was the second earliest in history on March 18, just two days later than the earliest harvest on record in 2010. Iba-san says he determines when to start shading the plants after the second leaf bud appears, and decided to harvest around the 4th leaf bud appearance then harvesting a bud and 3-4 young, tender leaves. He pays careful attention to the leaf growth at this time of the year to determine the perfect timing.

Steeping Notes: 5g | 60°| 1min | 100ml

Re-steep the leaves multiple times. Gradually increase the water temperature and lessen infusion time

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Shoju
  • Harvest: March 18th 2024
  • Region: Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima

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Customer Reviews

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I recently tried the 2024 first flush Shoju Shincha from Iba Takahiro Tea Garden, and it was exceptional. The umami flavor is rich and smooth, without any sharpness or bitterness, making each sip a joy.

This tea has an ideal texture, offering a refreshing and satisfying experience. It’s an excellent way to start the day, providing calm and clarity. The quality is truly outstanding, reflecting Farmer Iba-san’s meticulous care.

For tea enthusiasts, this Shoju Shincha from Tanegashima Island is highly recommended for its taste and superb quality.