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Shogyokuen: Toyomukashi

Shogyokuen: Toyomukashi

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Shogyokuen Spring Harvest Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha



Toyomukashi, literally the "rich history", is a matcha with excellent, smooth umami flavour perfect for usucha.

The delicious blend of tencha leaves (tea leaf processed into flakes) by master blender, CEO Hiroshi Kobayashi, has created an exquisite matcha for tea ceremony practitioners.

This is an extremely smooth bright green matcha with a low astringency. There is a balanced umami flavour with delicious sweetness. This matcha is perfect for tea ceremonies and can be used for both Usucha (thin tea) and Koicha (thick tea) preparations. 


  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Harvest: May
  • Region: Grown in Kyoto and surrounding regions and refined in Kyotanabe, Kyoto.
  • Producer: Shogyokuen
  • Type: Tea factory, family business
  • Established: 1827


About the Producer:

Since 1827, Shogyokuen has been refining the highest quality leaves from Kyoto and grinding them into matcha for the aristocracy and samurai elite of Japan.

Today, CEO Hiroshi Kobayashi is one of about 13 people in Japan (and only one in Kyoto) to hold the top rank 10 level for tea leaf appraisal. His ability to judge the qualities of tea leaves and then blend the leaves in the best way, particularly for making matcha, is proven by the many awards won over the years.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best matcha I’ve had.

I have tried a range of matchas but this is the best I’ve ever had. Upon opening it smelled naturally so sweet, with a hint of creaminess. The colour was a vivid green. The flavour profile is where it shined it was sweet, with a lovely nutty flavour (think almost a roasted nut taste). The texture of the powder is very smooth and it makes the most satisfying matcha I’ve had. It really has opened a world of the complexity of flavour that can be experienced from matcha.

Thank you so much for leaving a review Lydia. So glad you like this matcha. It's a personal favorite!

Kierdo The Weirdo
Pleasing to the senses

Although my experience with matcha is limited, this one is very very pleasant.

Can't stop drinking this

Grassy with nutty under tones