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Green Tea Discovery Box

Green Tea Discovery Box

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This green tea selection box offers a taste of different Japanese green teas allowing you to sample blended & shaded teas

Japanese green tea varies greatly depending on how the plants are cultivated and the finishing processing. This box contains a selection of five different types of green tea from around Japan.

In the box: 

  1. Chiyonoen Sakurabana Sencha 20g

    This is a blended cultivar sencha, unshaded green tea. Beautifully light and sweet with grassy freshness. 
  2. Kurihara Tea Garden: Mountain Grown Yame Kabusecha 20g Kabusecha "literally covered tea" is shaded for 2 weeks allowing a beautiful balance of umami, sweetness & astringency.  

  3. Kurihara Tea Garden: Premium Shin Gyokuro 20g

    Gyokuro is a high grade shaded green tea that is umami rich and beautifully sweet when brewed at cool temperatures.  
  4. Shogyokuen Ichibancha Genmaicha 20g

    This genmaicha is made with premium Kyoto spring sencha blended with toasted rice
  5. Chasandai Sakura Sencha 20g

    Spring sencha blended with sugared cherry blossom flowersThis box is the perfect introduction to the variety of Japanese green tea for beginners or a fantastic gift for established tea lovers. 

Each pack has brewing guides and instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew S.
Lovely packaging

Really impressed with the packaging and the contents within were a great introduction to different types of green tea. Highly recommend.

Gift Box Review

Love the packing and range of teas inside. Good value for money