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Suikaen Takayama Chasen

Chasen-tate: Blue

Chasen-tate: Blue

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Chasen-Tate ( whisk stand )

Made in Japan for Suikaen Tanimura Yasaburo Takayama Chasen


These lovely blue matcha whisk stands are the perfect companion for your daily matcha moment.

The chasen-tate helps you to extend the life of your bamboo whisk by allowing the prongs to dry facing downward stopping the water from pooling in the base of the whisk and helping to prevent rotting.

The shape of the stand also allows the prongs of the chasen to keep their curved shape. Once your chasen is dry you can store it away in its box or keep it on the stand until its next use.

  • Size: approx 5.5cm diameter | 8cm height 
  • Please note as all pieces handmade there are small variations in size / shape & colour 


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