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Suikaen Takayama Chasen

Suikaen Takayama Chasen: Travel Chashaku

Suikaen Takayama Chasen: Travel Chashaku

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Chashaku by Suikaen Takayama Chasen

This new design folds in half, perfect for your matcha ceremony on the go!

Use this chashaku in the same way you would a traditional long-handled scoop. Approximately two scoops for usucha matcha preparation. 

Handmade chashaku made by Suikaen Takayamachasen. This family-run business has been making bamboo whisks and matcha utensils for over 500 years.

  • Open length approx 14cm | Closed length 8cm
  • colour varies slightly due to the handmade nature of the item

About:  This family has been making Chasen for over 500 years. The current family head is the 25th generation to make these whisks the same way his ancestors did. The tools and techniques used today are the same as 500 years ago. 

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