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Suikaen Takayama Chasen

Suikaen Takayama Chasen: Susutake Chashaku

Suikaen Takayama Chasen: Susutake Chashaku

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Chashaku matcha scoop made by Suikaen Takayama Chasen.

An essential tool for tea ceremony as well as a beautiful piece for daily use while making matcha or other powdered teas.

The black bamboo use to make these chashaku has been aged over many generations by the smoke from the fireplaces of traditional Japanese homes. Suikaen restore and repurpose bamboo from homes that are being refurbished or torn down to create these beautiful pieces. 

The chashaku has been expertly crafted to be the correct size for measuring out your matcha. One or two of these scoops depending on your preference will give you the perfect serving for your tea ceremony at home. 

Approximate size: 18cm

About Suikaen: The chasen has more than 530 years of history and this family has been continuously making Chasen for over 500 years. The current family head is the 25th generation to make these whisks in the same way that his ancestors did. The tools and techniques that are used today are the same as 500 years ago.

All products made by Suikaen are made with 100% natural Japanese ingredients and without the use of chemicals.

Care instructions: Wipe clean your chashaku with a clean cloth after use. There is no need to wash the bamboo. If you do feel the need to rinse off a build up of matcha then rinse without soap. Make sure to dry fully before storing away. 

For more information about Suikaen and the making process check out our blog posts here

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