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Shigaraki Earthenware Dobin

Shigaraki Earthenware Dobin

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These dobin pots come in four parts.

Pot, lid, plate or saucer and a choko cup that sits on top.

This pot is designed be used to create the traditional dish of Dobin Mushi. A classic  soup that is steamed in the pot with seafood and vegetables. This dish is often served at Ryokan as part of a traditional Kaiseki meal.

The set can of course also be used for tea however you will need a strainer as there is no internal mesh. 

  • Shigarakiware - Shiga Prefecture, Japan
  • Dimensions: (approx) Plate 16.5cm dia | Cup 6cm diameter x 3.5cm height | Pot body 14cm dia x 7.5cm height | total height 15cm
  • Product Note: The handle comes detached from the pot and can be attached once unpacked. 

Made in Japan

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