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Murakami Tea Garden

Murakami Tea Garden: Mountain Grown First Flush Benifuuki Wakocha

Murakami Tea Garden: Mountain Grown First Flush Benifuuki Wakocha

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Mountain Grown First Flush Benifuuki Cultivar Black Tea




Harvested in the cold spring mountain air of Shizuoka, this first flush Benifuuki wakocha from tea farmer Haruki Murakami has been winning awards throughout Japan including a Gold Medal at the 2023 Nihoncha Awards.

Grown at high altitude this black tea is harvested from a single field and cultivar. This tea is beautifully smooth with low astringency, mellow sweetness.


Steeping Notes: 3g | 5mins | 200ml | 95°C


  • Ingredients: Black Tea
  • Cultivar: Benifuuki
  • Harvest: Spring 23
  • Region:  Yoshiwara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Family Run / Operated Farm

A note from Murakamien:  "Murakamien's tea is formulated in-house, mainly using organic fertilisers, and uses as few pesticides as possible. The deliciousness and freshness of the tea leaves is reflected in the taste of the tea. We take great care in cultivating tea trees, sparing no effort even in autumn and winter. The flavour of the fresh leaves comes out as is in the tea. Delicious tea comes from tea leaves. This is the belief of Murakamien."

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Customer Reviews

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Kirk McElhearn
Smooth and delicious

I don’t know Japanese black teas very well, and this was a pleasant surprise. The tea is smooth and delicious, with a well-rounded flavor profile. It’s not too tannic, with a slight hint of sweetness. It tastes a bit like a good Ceylon tea, but is more complex. Very enjoyable.