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Chiyonoen Tea Garden

Chiyonoen Tea Garden: Snowing Mountain Sakurabana Sencha 2024 Harvest

Chiyonoen Tea Garden: Snowing Mountain Sakurabana Sencha 2024 Harvest

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Chiyonoen Sakurabana Sencha 



This Sakurabana green tea is from Yabe Village, Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture.  This sencha comes from the mid-May harvest and is grown at an altitude of about 600 meters.

This tea is perfect to be enjoyed both hot or cold.

The flavours are rich with and refreshing aroma. The tea is suitable for multiple brewing and each steep offers new and complex flavours.

This high-quality tea is produced without the use of chemical fertilisers, the farm uses a unique farming method of using hand-picked fermented organic fertilisers (bokashi fertilisers).

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Harvest: May 2024
  • Region: Upper mountains of Yabe village, Yame District, Fukuoka, Japan. Altitude approx 600 meters.


Steeping Notes: 4g | 70°C | 60sec | 200ml


About the farmer: Masashi Harashima (Tea Farmer / Japanese Tea Instructor)

Masashi has received Japan's top agricultural prize, the Minister's Award, three times, Masashi is one of Japan's top farmers. He is currently teaching his son how to both cultivate and produce the highest quality tea.

"In order to produce high-quality tea leaves, we place our greatest priority in ensuring that our trees are healthy. We employ a unique farming method using hand-picked fermented organic fertilisers (bokashi fertilisers) and adjusting each step according to the specific weather conditions of the season or the year, in order to achieve the highest standards. Amid the crisp air in the mountains and the chirping of the birds these healthy tea leaves grow and produce premium tea brimming of sweetness and flavour.'


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Customer Reviews

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John Thorpe
A Great Value Tea

I've given 5 stars as, although not the most complex of Japanese teas, it is very good value for money and it has a lovely flavour. I have been drinking this one for quite a few years now

Very flavourful tea

I love teas from Yame, they have a flavour depth which appeals greatly to me.
I drink the Snowing Mountain Sakurabana Sencha as a short shot flavour (5g, 60degrees, 100ml) which allows for the sweetness and umami to come out strongly and like a lot of Yamecha Senchas's, it can be likened to a Gyokuro.


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