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Chasandai Tea Factory

Chasandai: Sakura Sencha with Sugared Sakura Leaves

Chasandai: Sakura Sencha with Sugared Sakura Leaves

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Delicious Sencha tea from Shimane  blended with Sakura (cherry blossom)



A blend of sencha, sugared Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) leaves and dried Sakura blossom petals from Chasandai in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The unique flavour and aroma of the sakura pair beautifully with the refreshing sencha tea. 


Steeping Notes: 3g | 1min | 70°C | 200ml


  • Ingredients: Green tea, sugared Sakura leaves, dried Sakura petals
  • Manufacturer: Chasandai
  • Established: 1911

A note from the producer: 

"Since 1911, our company has provided customers with peace of mind through our tea products. We believe "peace of mind" is very important in this busy world. If you are not at peace in your heart, it becomes so easy to let little things turn into big problems. So, even when you are busy, you make a cup of tea using a good kyusu teapot. As you calmly wait for the hot water to cool, the pause forces you to be calm. This is what we wish to bring you"

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Customer Reviews

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Great green tea

This green tea blend is lovely and it's nice hot or cold. I'm a big fan of sakura flavour so this was great for me!