Zenkouen Tea Garden

Zenkouen tea garden is a family-run farm based in Shimada, Shizuoka. The garden is run by Yoshimitsu Masuda who, after working in a major farming cooperative learnt the danger of food additives and pesticides. Masuda-san returned to his family farm in 1992 and started to learn tea how to make tea from his father and fellow tea farmers in the area. He was surprised at the number of pesticides used in tea farming and wanted to change the way the tea was grown to make it better for his family and the consumers. 

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A note from the farmer

" In the old days, there were no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so we just went back to the way everyone used to do things.

We believe that genuine tea production does not place an excessive burden on all living things, does not disrupt the ecosystem cycle, has high energy to heal people, and has the power to repel illness. I think.
Tea and humans are the same. I want them to grow naturally and healthily. "

Collection: Zenkouen Tea Garden

The switch to organic farming was not easy. The farm suffered insects and disease, the crop yield and leaf quality dropped, and he faced criticism from both family and other tea professionals.

However, he stuck with his vision and now built upon 25+ years of organic farming experience, Masuda-san produces tea that he is proud to call both safe and delicious and is passing his tea-making skills on to his children.