Osada Tea

Osada tea was established in 1948 and is primarily a blender & refiner of tea leaves from farm partner farms in Shizuoka and elsewhere.

Osada Tea works closely with the farmers of Isagawa Green Tea Agriculture Cooperative of Haruno Town in western Shizuoka to provide high-quality organic Shizuoka tea.

A note from Osada

"Thanks to the producers...

Twenty years have passed since I was involved in the tea industry.
After getting married, I came to be involved in the tea industry from a completely different industry. Thanks to you, I won the national championship in the 2009 National Tea Examination Technology Competition (Tochakai) and was able to receive the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.

Purchasing and finishing tea requires the ability to determine the quality of the tea.
Every time I see many types of unrefined tea every day, I feel that the ability to appraise and identify tea is more than just a person, and that tea is a manifestation of the person's humanity itself. At the same time, I believe that the existence of a tea shop is only possible when there is a producer.
In order to support producers working on organic farming as much as possible, and to further expand the possibilities of tea production that is safe and environmentally friendly, we do not just look at tea from a short-term perspective, but also look at the future of the region. Think and create your own future.
I would like to be such a tea shop."

Collection: Osada Tea

As a producer, Osada Tea is also known for developing the uniquely Japanese fermented tea Yamabuki Nadeshiko using kurokoji fermentation starters.

Natsumi Osada is the CEO and a 4th generation tea master. He is a certified Japanese tea instructor. 8th-dan tea appraiser. 56th Japan National Tea Appraisal Competition Grand Champion (Minister's Award) & 56th Japan National Tea Appraisal Competition Vice Champion.



The tea farmers working with us are farming tea in a mountainous area with natural beauty.
The farmers do not use chemical fertilizers or any synthetic pesticides, rather they make the best use of the natural potential of the soil, air, and water.
They also maintain high-level cultivation skills that are friendly to the soil and the natural environment.

Osada Seicha was founded in 1947 by the first generation KOICHI OSADA