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Ohmitogei: Shirodo Shiboridashi Set

Ohmitogei: Shirodo Shiboridashi Set

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Shiboridashi Teapot and Cup set by Ohmi Ceramic Research Centre 

This set comes with two tea cups, a cooling bowl and shiboridashi teapot. 

This Kusatsu-yaki teapot is made using local iron rich clay from the Kusatsu area. 

Hakudei: A three-layered pottery made of a uniquely formulated mud that has been removed from iron rich soil, and then coated with a transparent glaze.
The iron content of the base material rises from beneath the white mud, giving each piece a unique texture and colour.

- Use the bowl to cool your water before making green teas: then use it to decant the brewed tea before serving into each of the cups.

  • Shiboridashi Size: approx 11cm diameter | 7cm height 
  • Cooling Bowl Size: approx 11cm diameter | 5cm height 
  • Cup sizes vary - one larger, one smaller in each set: approx 7cm diameter | 3.5cm height
  • Shiboridashi Volume: approx 180ml
  • Microwave Safe 
  • Do not use in the Dishwasher 
  • Please Note: As this is a handmade vessel size, shape and colour may vary slightly from pictured
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I am absolutely delighted with my purchase of this Japanese teapot. Its meticulous glaze and handcrafted charm deliver an unparalleled precision in brewing. Perfectly sized, it beautifully bridges art and functionality, enhancing my tea experience wonderfully.